Getting started

Basics of the deletion orchestration solution

The Espresso Data Privacy Orchestration solution has its roots in several years of research, evaluation, solution design, implementation, improvement, enhancement and integration across multiple large enterprises. The solution as it is today is the superior outcome and final evolution of an enterprise-wide automated deletion orchestration; completely new designed and streamlined, based on modern and mature technology, optimized for robustness and effectiveness while running infinitely and unnoticed in the background with very low configuration, maintenance and resource requirements.

The initiator and main driver of this project is Rico Friedrich, chief architect of various deletion orchestration solutions. After many years of experience in building and integrating such solutions at various companies, he took the decision to build a multi-tenant lightweight but high-performance solution for providing a deletion engine in the cloud, which is characterized above all by easy integration and low maintenance.

This solution can be deployed to any organization that needs to delete personal data in a GDPR/DSG compliant manner and may prefer a simple integration path. The deletion solution offers a streamlined interface and can be deployed in the cloud or installed on-premise. The solution is a reference implementation of the standardized deletion process. All types of common retention schedules and deletion capabilities are mapped and structured in a deletion chain.