Espresso Data Privacy Orchestration

Focus on the deletion orchestration solution


The Espresso Data Privacy Orchestration solution has its roots in several years of research, evaluation, solution design, implementation, improvement, enhancement and integration across multiple large enterprises. The solution as it is today is the superior outcome and final evolution of a lean enterprise-wide automated deletion orchestration; completely new designed and streamlined, based on modern and mature technology, optimized for robustness and effectiveness while running infinitely and unnoticed in the background with very low configuration, maintenance and resource requirements.

The Espresso Data Privacy Orchestration engine as a solution is specifically designed for companies looking to easily connect to or build an data privacy orchestration. The solution is an excellent basis on which individual extensions tailored to company specifics lead to a fast and efficient solution. More information about the solution will follow. This will include the usage, features, requirements, limitations and reasons for this solution. For further questions please contact us right now.