Espresso Data Privacy Orchestration

The engine to orchestrate
enterprise-wide data deletion
and information requests.

Deletion Concept

Information dedicated on deletion orchestration for data protection compliant automated data deletion.


Information on getting started, release notes, configuration, architecture and operation of the orchestration solution.

Demo & Test

View several demo system resources like dashboard, configuration and statistics and request for your own test drive.


Information on setting up Espresso Data Privacy Orchestration in the cloud with accredited partners.

Ensures technical compliance with data protection in relation to the right to be forgotten in accordance with articles of the GDPR/DSG

Fast response time on requests and minimal orchestration time for immediate interaction of client applications provided by an indestructible engine

Multi-tenant deletion orchestration with complete tenant separation; dedicated, secured and guaranteed resources with own services per tenant

Highly scalable on mature microservice cluster technology running on Kubernetes at all major cloud providers

One click import of business configurations based on simple Excel spreadsheets and one click stage propagation

Unlimited number of deletion requests, orchestration batches, deletion data records and no limitation on orchestration execution time

Unlimited combination and length of orchestration sequences with various expandable task types

Pay as you go for engine orchestration usage in the cloud or connect an enterprise agreement

Client access to the orchestration engine via a modern, lightweight APIs and interfaces for dashboard customization

Prioritization of delivered deletion record batches or processing according to the first-in-first-out principle

Accurate, unrestricted and fast traceability of all system events and deletion evidences for audits

Suspend the orchestration of new batch deliveries without rejecting new deletion delivery requests

Superior orchestration

A solution is based on the concept of modularity. Small and independent services are linked together providing an indestructible orchestration solution. The basic Espresso Data Privacy Orchestration solution contains the following main components and can be extended as needed.

  • Espresso Data Privacy Orchestration cluster, which provides the orchestration engine, service interfaces as well as persistence.
  • Security module that ensures the security of the service interfaces and the security of web users by accessing an external identity provider.
  • Administration web interface for business configurations, health and statistics site for technical KPIs and performance measurements.
  • Dashboard with insights into deletion request identification, orchestration, deletion evidence audit and business key performance indicators.
superior orchestration
great performance

Great performance

Speed is important when orchestrating tasks for multiple clients following a specific sequence. The Espresso Data Privacy Orchestration is designed for high performance and immediate client interaction. Performance and robustness in a multi-tenant environment are supported by the following keys aspects.

  • Service requests to the orchestration engine are not limited and simultaneously possible with a fast response and orchestration time for immediate client sequence interaction.
  • There are no limits on the number of orchestration records that can be received in a delivery or persisted in the engine as a whole.
  • With an indestructible engine, resume and replay of processes and tasks are guaranteed without any data loss by not restricting the execution times of orchestrations.
  • Tenants are completely separated from each other in the same cloud solution by owning individual services resp. secured and guaranteed resources.
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View the demo system statistics,
configuration and dashboard

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